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PASCAL™ Technology – the PU Energy Efficiency Solution

Appliance manufacturers have a new option for meeting tough new energy efficiency requirements.

PASCAL™ Technology from Dow is a new patented polyurethane system, processed under new manufacturing conditions, that dramatically increases household appliance energy efficiency performance, without negatively affecting design or productivity. PASCAL Technology has been fully tested by Dow and validated on commercial refrigerators from leading international appliance manufacturers.

PASCAL™ Technology brings three key advantages for appliance manufacturers:

  • Advanced energy efficiency – Allows you to meet increasing government regulations without raising costs by achieving up to 10 percent greater energy efficiency over current polyurethane insulating systems.
  • Improved productivity – Enables you to improve product line productivity by decreasing fill time by about 20-30 seconds over traditional fill processes, as well as enabling significantly faster demold time.
  • Innovative appliance solution – Helps you maintain performance with potential for margin expansion while meeting or exceeding government regulations.

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