FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins help tubing and tape manufacturers produce some of the finest quality, longest-lasting products in the micro irrigation industry by combining key attributes such as:

  • Flexural toughness
  • Environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR)
  • Burst strength
  • Slow crack growth (SCG) resistance
  • Impact and puncture resistance

Their excellent strength and durability offers opportunities to develop applications with both long life expectancy and excellent resistance to leaks and cracks – helping to not only reduce water loss but also potentially lower costs.

For example, Dow testing1 shows that FINGERPRINT™ 7520 Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Resin – our next generation bimodal resin for micro irrigation tape – offers significant dart impact resistance2, 3 and improved Elmendorf tear properties.4, 5 In addition to these critical properties, the resin also offers good processability, tensile strength, toughness, ESCR, and SCG resistance.

As an added measure of quality control, all micro irrigation tubing and tape made with FINGERPRINT Resins can be identified by a special tracer element added to every resin.

Combined with the inherent efficiency of micro irrigation, the strong performance and high levels of quality assurance offered by FINGERPRINT Resins support the development of irrigation systems that make responsible water management a serious priority.

1 Data per tests conducted by Dow. Test protocols and additional information available upon request.

2 Dart impact measures the resistance to third-party impact punctures

3 Meets or exceeds ASTM D 1709, Methods A and B

4 Elmendorf tear measures a film's resistance to tear propagation after tear initiation

5 Meets or exceeds ASTM 1922, Type B Constant Radius – MD

FINGERPRINT™ Product Offering

The table below provides basic technical datapoints for FINGERPRINT™ Polyethylene Resins suited for micro irrigation applications along with access to technical datasheets, material safety datasheets (MSDSs), regulatory information, and sample request forms. In addition, the Compare feature can be used to create detailed, head-to-head comparisons of two to five resins (where applicable). To activate this feature, simply click on the appropriate check boxes in the table, then click on the Compare button. Please contact your Dow sales or TS&D representative for specific recommendations relative to your needs.