OPULYN™ Opacifiers are used to impart a rich, creamy or lotionized look and feel to body washes and shampoos formulations. They have excellent formulation compatibility and excellent stability.

Enhance the richness and properties of your personal care products with OPULYN™ Opacifiers. Choose the best product for your application with: OPULYN™ Smart Formulation Tool

Choose your technology:

OPULYN™ PQG Opacifier

Novel opacifier designed for cleansing formulations containing cationic conditioning agents. OPULYN™ PQG is also suitable for systems with high concentrations of amphoteric surfactants. Recommended for use in shampoo and body wash formulations.

OPULYN™ 301 Opacifier

Highly versatile opacifier for anionic surfactant-based systems. Best performance in slightly acid to moderate pH range. Tolerates moderate levels of inorganic electrolytes. Recommended for shampoos and shower gels.

OPULYN™ 302B Opacifier

Specifically designed for anionic surfactant-based systems across broad pH range and with low levels of inorganic electrolytes. Preferred choice for systems with soft preservatives, such as shampoos and shower gels.

OPULYN™ 303B Opacifier

Specifically designed to enhance the opacity of cationic surfactant-based formulations, such as hair conditioners.

OPULYN™ 305 Opacifier

Designed for anionic-surfactant based systems with high levels of inorganic electrolytes across a broad pH range. Preferred choice for low betaine systems, such as liquid hand soaps.

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