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SARANEX™ Barrier Films

Proven barrier performance, and much more

SARANEX™ Barrier Films are coextruded multilayered films containing a layer of SARAN™ PVDC Resin integrally sandwiched between outer layers of polyolefins. The result is a product that offers the proven barrier properties of SARAN resins plus the machinability, printability, and functionality of the polyolefin skins.

They can be laminated to a variety of substrates, including paper, foil, PVC, and numerous films to offer a balance of barrier properties, toughness, chemical resistance, softness, flexibility, attractive appearance, and good economics in a single film structure. In many applications, the use of SARANEX™ films can eliminate the need for additional materials resulting in significant cost savings. Their advantages for use in food and specialty packaging applications include:

  • Barrier protection from gases, water vapor, and aromas.
  • Barrier level remains unaffected by high humidity environments
  • Chemical resistance from most acids, bases, foods, pharmaceuticals and alcohols
  • Machinability traits desired by processors
  • Laminating versatility