Clive Grannum Clive Grannum

Business President
Global Chlorinated Organics

Clive Grannum is the business president for Global Chlorinated Organics at The Dow Chemical Company. In this position, Grannum leads all aspects of this critical global business, including long-term strategic development and profit & loss management. He is based in Midland, Michigan.

Grannum began his career as an aerospace engineer for The Grumman Aerospace Corporation designing jet aircraft. He then joined The BOC Group in 1990 where he held a variety of leadership roles, including sales, marketing and business finance. In 1997, Grannum was appointed as the vice president of BOC’s Global Glass Division. Several years after leading BOC’s glass business, he was appointed vice president and global general manager of BOC’s Packaged Systems Division, an advanced engineering and construction business.

In 2001, Grannum joined Uniqema, a wholly owned business of Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI), as the senior vice president of Uniqema North & Latin America and vice president of ICI, where he was accountable for the profitable turnaround of the Uniqema Americas business. Over the next several years, he and his team transformed Uniqema’s North & Latin American business into the most profitable region within the Uniqema portfolio. In 2006, Grannum, in addition to the other members of Uniqema’s senior leadership, delivered a successful divestment of Uniqema from ICI.

Grannum joined Rohm and Haas in March 2007 and later that year was appointed vice president and general manager, Packaging and Building Materials in North America and elected a corporate officer of Rohm and Haas by the Board of Directors. In 2008, he was appointed vice president and global business director of Plastics Additives. Over the next several years, he and his leadership team dramatically improved the profitability of the Plastics Additives business and transformed it from an ingredient supplier into a profitable solution provider.

In April 2009, Rohm and Haas was acquired by The Dow Chemical Company. Post acquisition, Grannum remained the business leader for Plastics Additives. In March 2013, he became the managing director of Global Chlorinated Organics, SAFECHEM and Plastics Additives. Grannum was appointed to his current role in December 2013.

Grannum holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Boston University and a master’s degree in management from Yale University.

Revised: 01/08/2014