Dow Presents Sustainable Chemistry Solutions for Olympic Venues and Infrastructure in Sochi

Moscow, Russia - July 20, 2011

On June 28, 2011, The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow"), a Worldwide Olympic Partner, held a technical seminar in Sochi, Russia, presenting sustainable solutions for Olympic venues and infrastructure in Sochi. The event that took place at the Sochi City Hall welcomed more than 70 participants, including heads of the Sochi Administration, local building and construction companies, housing and municipal services, as well as business leaders and technical specialists of various Dow businesses together with their customers.

Left to right: Arthur Eritspokhov (Head of Dow Olympic Operations in Russia), Alexander Karandin (Deputy Head in Sochi), Victor Orlov (Head of Partners Integration and VIK division, Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee)

Left to right: Arthur Eritspokhov (Head of Dow Olympic Operations in Russia), Alexander Karandin (Deputy Head in Sochi), Victor Orlov (Head of Partners Integration and VIK division, Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee)

Dow has been actively working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), organizing committees of the Olympic host cities, and governmental officials, contractors and suppliers to understand the existing needs and challenges Organizing Committees of the Olympic Games face and to be able to offer our Company's technological expertise and worldwide experience to sustainably address those issues in a timely manner.

The seminar, conducted with the support of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, was an effective platform to showcase our technologically advanced solutions for Olympic infrastructure and equipment, helping ensure the success of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

"One of the main objectives was to demonstrate to the attendees a comprehensive product and service offering from Dow and our customers and to illustrate with concrete examples their exceptional performance," said Arthur Eritspokhov, head of Dow Olympic Operations in Russia. "Dow's values are completely matched with the vision of the Olympic Movement. Dow is passionately committed to sustainable development, scientific excellence and chemistry-enabled solutions addressing the most pressing needs the world is facing today – in areas like energy efficiency, housing, health and safety. For the Sochi 2014 Olympic project, Dow is offering a variety of sustainable products that are necessary for Olympic venues and infrastructure, helping achieve the highest technological and safety standards, and comply or even exceed environmental requirements."

Sevkabel Holding, an official licensee of Dow Inside, together with Dow Electrical & Telecommunications (Dow business unit supplying solutions to the power and telecommunications industry) presented solutions for medium and high voltage cables based on Dow ENDURANCE™ compounds. As an official partner of Dow Electrical & Telecommunications, Sevkabel offers cable systems for 6-220 kV that meet or exceed industry standards. Recently, Sevkabel completed several projects in the Krasnodar region utilizing solutions from Dow Electrical & Telecommunications. Examples include installations for Olympstroy in Sochi and FSK (Federal Grid) and the mountain resort at Krasnaya Polyana, as well as a project for increasing electrical capacity at the ski resort complexes in Rosa-Hutor and Imeretinskaya valley.

Arthur Eritspokhov, Head of Dow Olympic Operations in Russia

Arthur Eritspokhov, Head of Dow Olympic Operations in Russia

Dow experts elaborated on the advantages and high performance properties of DOWLEX™ PE-RT Resins, used in industrial and domestic pipe applications. Their combination of high temperature resistance, welding properties and easy processing is ideal for plastics pipes for hot water and heat distribution systems. Thermotech and Dow presented systems of floor heating for various applications, along with equipment for swimming pools, aqua parks and spa centers, for sport facilities and villas.

In partnership with Stroymontazh, Dow is offering construction materials used for finishing works in lobby areas, hallways, multi-functional areas, and also in premises with higher humidity (toilet facilities, showers, kitchens, and utilities areas). Stroymontazh has a well established reputation in the Krasnodar region. The company's solutions, marketed under the trade name OSNOVIT, were widely used in a number of construction projects in the Krasnodar region, including construction of the Bolshoi Ice Palace, at the ski resort complex Rosa-Hutor and the railway station in Adler.

Together with CJSC "Nisco Constructions", Dow offers energy efficient solutions in building and construction, ensuring hydro and thermo insulation of "green" roofs, facades and underground constructions, as well as engineering structures, like roads and railways, pipelines.

Dow Coating Materials, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, in partnership with LAES presented advantages of heat insulation systems for buildings and facades. Those systems offer exceptional heat insulation properties, resistance and long-term strength in combination with sufficient vapor permeability and easy applications. LAKRA Group representatives, one of Dow Coating Materials customers in Russia, focused on existing solutions for interior and exterior paints applications, and insulation finishing systems.

Flooring solutions from Dow customer CMT, based on Dow's epoxy resins and POLYPOX™ curing agents, have higher tear and wear resistance, vapor permeability and high anti-static properties, which makes them unique for use at roller rinks, ice palaces and sport complexes.

The new plant of the Dow Izolan joint venture company in Vladimir, Russia, provides its growing customer base in Russia and the CIS with a broad range of polyurethane systems for rigid and semi-rigid, flexible, integral polyurethane foams as well as adhesives and elastomers used in applications ranging from construction (pipe insulation, sandwich panels, decorative finishing, construction foams), to automotive, furniture, shoe soles and appliances.

Dow business representatives and customers at Sochi Technical Seminar

Dow business representatives and customers at Sochi Technical Seminar

Applications of polyurethane and epoxy systems are virtually unlimited, allowing new sustainability solutions, improved energy efficiency and fire performance of insulation materials for buildings, strengthened infrastructure, and much more. Dow epoxy and polyurethane solutions for construction also include FLEXOGRID™ coatings that prevent infrastructure decay, ensure longer life cycles, and enhance the safety of bridges, highways and other engineering structures. 

Dow also presented road-marking solutions together with systems for trenchless pipelaying.

The seminar opened vast opportunities for fruitful cooperation between Dow businesses and construction, housing and municipal companies operating in Sochi.

Dow also demonstrated its continued commitment to ensuring long-term value and a sustainable legacy after the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Through scientific excellence and technological expertise, the Company is responsibly contributing to community success and preserving cultural heritage in the region. Dow customer Krasnodarteploenergo-TVEL, which is actively implementing pipe insulation technologies based on Dow's polyurethane foams, launched a number of projects in the Krasnodar region. Among them are replacement of old heating pipes in the Cathedral of the Christ Nativity, the First City Hospital and Drama Theater.

In partnership with Sochi 2014, Dow will contribute to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games its global expertise, scientific excellence and sustainable products that are necessary for Olympic-related infrastructure, helping ensure the success of the Games and providing long-term value and a sustainable legacy.

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The partnership with the IOC embraces Dow's strategic transformation to a technology-focused, market-driven, customer-centric organization and also allows the Company to demonstrate the significant role chemistry plays in athletics and in everyday life.

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