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This website has been developed to provide accurate, informative and timely information and materials about GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE. It is also intended to help you determine the differences between GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE and counterfeit glutaraldehyde.

Since it was introduced more than six decades ago, glutaraldehyde has become one of the most effective and versatile molecules available. Unfortunately, its widespread success has spawned lookalike and counterfeit glutaraldehyde that not only deceives customers and can cost them money, but poses potential safety and handling risks for workers.

Blended by counterfeiters who are often located in China, this deceptive counterfeit glutaraldehyde can replicate the specific gravity and aldehyde titration results of GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE. As a result, customers do not receive what they actually paid for and specified.

It is important to bear in mind the fact that only two manufacturers, The Dow Chemical Company and BASF, have the process technology and capabilities to manufacture GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE.

This site will be updated regularly with a wealth of glutaraldehyde-related information. We hope you find the resources on the site beneficial, and we welcome your input and feedback.

Article Details Glutaraldehyde’s Numerous Benefits

The September 2012 issue of Water Technology features a four-page article about the use of glutaraldehyde in water treatment applications. Entitled “Glutaraldehyde uses and counterfeits,” the story discusses glutaraldehyde’s features and benefits, data-rich history, the increase in counterfeit products and how to identify GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE. It also incorporates several informative charts and glutaraldehyde facts.


Analytical testing confirms the presence of a new type of counterfeit glutaraldehyde found in Malaysia that contains absolutely no formaldehyde. This special update provides important details to help ensure that you are receiving and using GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE.


Got Glut?

Make sure you are using GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE and not counterfeit glutaraldehyde. This bulletin provides important information about what you need to know.


Academy Highlights New Insights into Best Livestock Practices

The first "GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE" Academy developed specifically for feed and livestock producers was held recently in Bangkok, Thailand.

View the news release here.

Cost Calculator


Unscrupulous sellers of counterfeit glutaraldehyde delight in overcharging for a product that is not 50% glutaraldehyde. The GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE Cost Calculator lets you see how much you are being overcharged for a product that contains inferior biocides at the dose usage of GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE.

Please estimate the annual volumes and percentage of formaldehyde in the counterfeit product to see how much you may have been overcharged.

Annual Volume (Metric Tons)
% Formaldehyde
  Amount Overpaid in 1 year

Year One Cumulative
Year Two
Year Three

Checklist Is Now Available

Check out these simple guidelines to ensure you are receiving and using GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE. This publication details the benefits of glutaraldehyde, five reasons you need to ensure you are purchasing and using genuine products, beneficial sampling and testing guidelines you can implement and some interesting facts about glutaraldehyde.


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