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When was the last time a supplier introduced a new, innovative, environmentally preferred active ingredient that solves your most stubborn microbial contamination problems? 2005? 2000? 1995? Never?

The answer is... Now!

Dow Microbial Control introduces MBIT (N-Methyl-1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one), the only new active ingredient discovered this century for in-can preservation. MBIT enables customers to maintain excellent in-can preservation in a sustainable manner while meeting the tough challenges of today’s ever tightening environmental restrictions.

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Microbial growth in paint and coatings can lead to gas formation, loss of viscosity,poor stability and foul odors.

To properly protect your products and consumers, you need cost-effective, long-termprotection against a wide spectrum of microbes—including algae and fungi.

We can help you preserve your paint and coatings formulations. Our wide array of products prevents mold and microbial growth, protecting your finished products.

Prevent microbial degradation by microorganisms in:

  • paint defoamers
  • coalescing agents
  • dispersants, stabilizers
  • thickening agents
  • other ingredients incorporated into paint materials

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Our products preserve your brand formulations in three key application areas:

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