KATHON™ Preservatives

KATHON™ Preservatives

Defend. Protect. Control.


Dow Microbial Control Offers KATHON™ 7 TL Antimicrobial Tablets

New KATHON 7 TL Antimicrobial tablets offer safe, convenient and effective microbial control in a variety of industrial water treatment applications. The individually wrapped tablets offer a 7% concentration of active ingredient. The concentrated form is perfect for small and medium-sized systems, reducing transportation costs. In addition, the fast-dissolving formula makes the product easy to use for slug dose treatment.

To learn more about KATHON 7 TL Antimicrobial, click here.

NEW KATHON™ Test Kit Is Now Available

Kathon Test KitGet results in the field in minutes with the new KATHON Test Kit, an innovative microbicide test kit designed for use with KATHON preservatives from Dow Microbial Control. Easy to use, the test kit facilitates rapid and accurate measurement of active microbicide in a variety of cooling water applications. Tests can be performed in either the field or in the lab by following just six steps lasting about 10 minutes.

To learn more about the KATHON Test Kit, click on this link: www.orbeco.com/water/products/test-kits/sdm-kathon

The Original CMIT/MIT Preservative

KATHON is a versatile preservative that is the preferred solution for many different types of material preservation applications. It has a long history of efficacy and safety, and offers an outstanding combination of performance and price in a sustainable product solution.

An ideal choice for use in blended formulations, the product provides excellent broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts and molds. KATHON is effective over a wide pH range, and is also rapidly biodegradable and non-persistent in the environment. In addition, it does not contain or release formaldehyde.

Some of KATHON's many popular uses as a preservative include:

  • Water treatment
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Paint and coatings
  • Personal care
  • Pulp, paper and mineral slurries