GLUTEX™ Sanitizers and Disinfectants

GLUTEX™ Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Defend. Protect. Control.


Pathogens cause deadly diseases that can wipe out animal populations and ruin a farm. Defend your farm and animal facilities with GLUTEX sanitizers and disinfectants from Dow Microbial Control.

GLUTEX products guard against a wide variety of deadly bacteria, viruses and fungi. They specifically target pathogens that cause deadly animal diseases and help control microorganisms before they spread. So your animals – and your business – can remain healthy.

Glutaraldehyde-based GLUTEX sanitizers and disinfectants are specifically designed for use in farm animal, swine and poultry housing facilities, hatcheries and associated equipment, as well as industrial equipment and buildings.

For comprehensive microbial control, make GLUTEX products a key part of your disease control and prevention program.