Year  Event  Reference/Notes
 1977 1st publication describing synthesis of DCOIT Isothiazoles. IX. Halogenation of 2-substituted-4-isothiazolin-3-ones. Weiler, Ernest D.; Petigara, Ramesh B.; Wolfersberger, Martha H.; Miller, George A. 1977. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 14:627-630.
 1978 DCOIT patented as antifoulant Marine antifouling agents. Dupont, John Alfred. (Rohm and Haas Co., USA). Ger. Offen. 1978. DE 2732145
 1984 R&H patents DCOIT for use in industrial waters Microbicidal composition for aqueous systems. Amick, David R. (Rohm and Haas Co., USA). (1984), BR 8305103.
 1985 R&H awarded US patent on DCOIT in aqueous systems Protracted release microbiocidal article for aqueous systems. Amick, David R. US 4,505,889.
 1991 DCOIT use in coatings to prevent mildew patented Mildew-resistant coatings. Le Sota, Stanley. (Rohm and Haas Co., USA). Eur. Pat. Appl. 1991. EP 408215.
 1992 DCOIT to control sapstain in wood patented Anti-sapstain wood treatment. Hegarty, Bryan. (Rohm and Haas Co., USA). U.S. (1992. US 5112396)
 1994 First DCOIT-based product receives EPA registration ANTI-FOULANT C-9211M. EPA Registration Number 707-175. Approval Date: 02-28-94
 1995 Solid DCOIT patented (R&H) Solid 3-isothiazolone derivative biocidal concentrates. Mattox, John R. (Rohm and Haas Co., USA). U.S.(1995), US 5430046.
 2000 DCOIT (Sea-Nine) reported as alternative to organo-tin antifoulants Sea-Nine™ antifoulant: an environmentally acceptable alternative to organotin antifoulants. Jacobson, A. H.; Willingham, G. L. Science of the Total Environment (2000), 258:103-110








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