Female scientist working in lab

Dow’s Global Research & Development (R&D) organization comprises hundreds of premier scientists and chemical engineers – many of whom are located in Midland, Michigan – and state-of-the-art facilities around the world.

Dedicated to Excellence

The Dow Chemical Company invests over US$1 billion annually in R&D around the world and extensive R&D efforts are conducted at both the Dow business and corporate levels.

At the corporate level, broad technical capabilities are developed to help maintain Dow’s competitive advantage and to evaluate and pursue new directions needed to support Dow‘s long-term growth objectives.

At the business level, R&D groups aligned with each Dow global business match or create appropriate product solutions to customers’ needs, and support customers with technical service.

Ted Doan Research & Development Campus

Dedicated in 2007 as the Ted Doan R&D Campus, the research campus at Michigan Operations is home to one of Dow R&D’s high-throughput laboratories. High-throughput research accelerates product discovery through the application of informatics and robotics technology to enable R&D process automation.

Recognized for Innovation

Scientists and engineers in Dow R&D are among the leaders in their fields. Dow innovators consistently earn awards and honors.

Current and former Dow scientists are members of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering. Dow scientists have been awarded the prestigious Perkin Medal, elected to the Plastics Hall of Fame, received the American Chemical Society Industrial Award in Industrial Chemistry, and more. Dow has been the recipient of numerous R&D Magazine “R&D 100” awards for notable new product innovation, and in 2007, Dow was ranked by the magazine among its top ten “Best R&D Companies in the World.”