Corporate Center

Dow's Corporate Center serves as the global headquarters for the 201 sites and 53,000 employees worldwide. The campus sits on 150 acres and has nearly one million square feet of building space. The Corporate Center is home to many Dow businesses and functions, as well as the Office of the Chief Executive.

Michigan Operations

Michigan Operations (MiOps) is the original manufacturing site for Dow and has been in operation since 1897. Over the past century, the site transitioned from a commodity chemical manufacturing site to one that manufactures specialty products for the automotive, agricultural, food & pharmaceutical and bioscience industries. The Michigan Operations manufacturing site has more than 20 production plants, centralized research and development facilities and 550 buildings on 1,900 acres of land. MiOps also has a world-class environmental management facility, including a fully licensed wastewater treatment plant and incinerator. The site hosts a wide-range of Dow businesses and products including:

Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences is a major part of MiOps with products that are used by farmers to control harmful weeds and insects. This allows for greater crop yields and ultimately more food for the world’s seven billion people.

Dow Automotive

Dow Automotive produces BETAMATE™ structural adhesives at Michigan Operations. These adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners, helping to make automobiles lighter weight and more fuel efficient. Dow Auto also makes BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems on site which is an adhesive for vehicle glass. Michigan Operations supplies 70% of the windshield adhesive for North American original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and more than 40% of the aftermarket.

Dow Water & Process Solutions

Ion Exchange resins made at MiOps by Dow Water & Process Solutions are used for industrial water demineralization and softening, wastewater recycling and other water treatment processes. They are also used in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, and food and beverage processing.

Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

ETHOCEL™ and METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are two of the site's most versatile products. Made from wood pulp and cotton, they are used as ingredients in food, pharmaceuticals, detergents, paints, construction materials and electronics.

Dow Electronic Materials

The Dow Electronic Materials plants on site make products that allow for the production of faster, smaller electronic devices.

East End

The East End facility in downtown Midland provides Dow's world-class employees with a premier work environment. Packed with innovation-centric features and the latest in technology, it accentuates Dow's focus on the future and has the flexibility to accommodate future growth.

Larkin Center

Dow's Larkin Center is home to business, sales and research functions for Dow Building Solutions along with various other Dow businesses.

Harbor Beach

Dow’s Harbor Beach site manufactures active ingredients for several Dow AgroSciences insecticides. The site opened in 1995 and has been thriving ever since. Harbor Beach recently announced a multi-million dollar expansion to meet product demand.

Auburn Hills

Dow Automotive Systems is a leading supplier of plastics, adhesives, sealants, vehicle structure enhancements, acoustical management materials, films and fluids for the global automotive industry, serving tier, OEM and aftermarket customers. Its world headquarters are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, along with R&D labs and advanced engineering. Dow Automotive employs about 200 people at its Auburn Hills location.


The Hillsdale site of Dow Automotive Systems has produced quality automotive components for more than 30 years.


Dow's State Street Center opened in January 2008 and has approximately 175 offices for Dow employees and third-party suppliers. The team members represent several functions, including Finance, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Information Systems, among others, who are working on next-generation Dow computer systems, joint ventures and other value added-projects. The 30,000 square foot State Street Center is located inside Horizons Conference Center in Saginaw Township.