Night time view of The Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan

Contributing to Community Success

Community outreach has been an essential element of The Dow Chemical Company since our founding in 1897. For years our mission has been to be a good neighbor and a trusted partner, making sure we leave a positive impact on every community where we have operations.

As our company has evolved, so too has our view of citizenship. What is our rightful role within the communities where we have operations? Where can our expertise and talent have the greatest impact? How can our employees engage in more meaningful ways in the non-profit endeavors of our cities and towns? The answers and solutions are found within our sites “Contributing to Community Success Plans”.

What is Community Success?

Dow created a survey process to allow communities and their leaders to provide qualitative and quantitative input on their quality of life concerns. We ask for, and have received, detailed feedback about Dow’s appropriate role, whether it is to address community needs or use Dow’s leadership position to influence change. We collect data through an anonymous community assessment that gauges priorities related to environment, economy, education and leisure. Based on these results, we create a “community success” plan for the community where Dow has a presence, working collaboratively with site leadership, local community advisory groups and other community stakeholders.

This critical data gathering feeds our planning and informs our community strategies. It includes assessing and understanding community needs, addressing critical issues, aligning our philanthropic strategies and ensuring impact in those areas. During this process we work to identify “breakthrough” initiatives and we leverage the expertise of Dow’s Community Advisory Panels, community leaders and our employees. Our focus at every site is on the same objectives: addressing the most relevant needs of the community while developing and fostering new relationships that continue to nurture the Community Success method. Through this process, we harness Dow’s spirit of innovation to stimulate locally grown solutions to pressing challenges.