Dow is a global pioneer in the creation and development of innovative technologies and solutions for the chemical and specialty materials industry. Our facilities are located in countries around the world.
North and South America
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Brazil U.S. – Gulf Coast Pipeline Region U.S. – Texas, Deer Park
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Canada U.S. – Kentucky U.S. – Texas, Freeport
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Chile U.S. – Louisiana U.S. – Texas, Houston
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Latin America Region U.S. – Massachusetts U.S. – Texas, Seadrift
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Mexico U.S. – Michigan U.S. – Texas, Texas City
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Peru U.S. – Minnesota U.S. – West Virginia
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U.S. – California U.S. – Ohio
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Europe, Middle East and Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa Region Germany Middle East & North Africa Region
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Benelux Region Iberica Region Switzerland
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France Russia Central and Eastern Europe Region
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Italy Turkey
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Asia Pacific
Greater China India Japan
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