Dow Historical Information

Dividend Historical Information 2004-Current

Dividend / Stock Split Historical Information 1900-2003 (18KB PDF)

Union Carbide Historical Information

Dividend / Stock Split History (20KB PDF)

Union Carbide Historical Stock Price Charts

1926-1941 (88KB PDF)
1942-1957 (68KB PDF)
1958-1973 (64KB PDF)
1974-1989 (64KB PDF)
1990-2001 (56KB PDF)

Note: The Dow Chemical Company acquired Union Carbide Corporation effective February 6, 2001. Union Carbide Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.

Rohm and Haas Historical Information

Stock Split History (6KB PDF)

Rohm and Haas Historical Stock Price Charts

1949-1954 (122KB PDF)
1955-1964 (225KB PDF)
1965-1974 (240KB PDF)
1975-1984 (237KB PDF)
1985-1994 (239KB PDF)
1995-2003 (190KB PDF)
2004-2009 (156KB PDF)