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Pro Forma Sales

Elements of Market Success

  • Industry-leading position in coatings – largest and broadest range of chemistries (acrylics, cellulosics, polyurethanes, epoxies and water-soluble), global insight and R&D capabilities
  • Extensive building and construction portfolio – insulation, housewrap, sealant and adhesive products and systems, as well as construction chemical solutions
  • Integrated adhesives technology platform – providing performance and protection for consumer packaging and consumer goods, tailored to meet specific regional needs
  • Market-centric, with strong sales support, customer service and technical expertise locally in each geography
  • Accelerated innovation created by leveraging application expertise and a powerhouse R&D organization
  • Positioned for emerging market trends, including more stringent energy standards for buildings, coatings solutions with low volatile organic compounds and other product offerings with environmentally preferred technologies
  • Unmatched R&D capabilities, with technical centers located around the world, providing unparalleled technical support and leading-edge product development

Elements of Profitability

  • Combined strengths of Dow and Rohm and Haas provide a broad portfolio of chemistries with application expertise, product innovation and strong channels to market
  • Capital investment and bolt-on acquisitions to expand presence in emerging geographies
  • Easy-to-access portfolio, allowing customers to easily collaborate with Dow on new or enhanced formulations
  • Global supply chain to ensure reliable and cost-efficient supply anywhere in the world

1 Excludes sales of certain specialty latex assets required to be divested as part of the Rohm and Haas acquisition.
2 Includes the Powder Coatings business and sales related to certain specialty latex assets required to be divested as part of the Rohm and Haas acquisition.

Dow Coating Materials

Coatings Materials Chart by Geography

Dow Coating Materials is the world's largest supplier of raw materials for the coatings industry. The business combines the leading architectural coatings position of heritage Rohm and Haas with the strong industrial coatings presence for which Dow has long been known. Not only does combining these two portfolios make strategic sense, it also positions Dow Coating Materials to capture growth and drive innovation across the worldwide coatings industry.

Offering the broadest range of chemistries for the architectural and industrial coatings industry, Dow Coating Materials is known the world over for delivering innovative customer solutions across every major technology platform:

  • Binders – Acrylic waterborne, epoxy resins, vinyl acrylics, polyurethanes, styrene acrylic, solvent-based acrylic
  • Additives – HASE modifiers, surfactants, HEUR modifiers, cellulosic modifiers, biocides, opaque polymers/opacifiers, dispersants
  • Solvents – Oxygenated solvents, glycol ethers, acetic/propionic esters

Elements of Market Success and Profitability

  • Largest portfolio of coatings raw materials and the greatest breadth of technologies to provide market-driven solutions across all coatings segments
  • Largest R&D commitment in the industry, coupled with deep application expertise
  • Local collaboration, networked with an unparalleled worldwide science and technology capability, enables our customers to access global markets, distribution and insight, while addressing unique local issues
  • Dedicated to using sustainable processes without compromising performance
  • Accelerated growth in emerging geographies, with investments in a regional emulsion latex company primarily servicing Scandinavia and Russia; expansions of emulsion plants in China and India; capacity expansions in Brazil, Russia and Mexico
  • Low-cost manufacturing base through vertical integration to raw materials and the largest global coatings manufacturing network in the industry

Market Trends Driving Growth

  • Improving sustainability and lowering volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while advancing performance and cost advantages
  • Enhancing environmental durability and performance
  • Reducing application, manufacturing and processing costs
  • Enabling smart coatings that respond to external stimuli

Key R&D Innovations

  • HYDROTECH™ Technology – High-performance, environmentally advanced, water-based binder option for low-VOC decorative gloss coatings, responding to regulatory requirements restricting VOC emissions in architectural coatings
  • ECOSURF™ SA Surfactants – New generation of innovative biodegradable, nonionic surfactants
  • RENUVA™ Renewable Resource Technology – Natural oil-based polyols for differentiated performance
  • AVANSE™ Acrylic Resin Technology – Product platform allowing paint and coatings manufacturers to provide tough, durable coatings that meet the most stringent VOC and environmental standards
  • RHOPLEX™ EZ Clean 200 – 100 percent acrylic binder designed for premium interior flat and satin broad wall paints requiring high resistance to household stains
  • PRIMAL™ SG-380 – High-performance, semi-gloss acrylic binder that includes optimized polymer particle morphology and ambient cure technology, allowing formulators to create a new level of performance for both interior and exterior decorative paints
  • Designed Diffusion Technology – Enhances film formation and accelerates early property development of waterborne latex coatings so that coatings formulators and end users have the option to lower VOCs, improve line productivity and reduce energy requirements

Key Competitors

  • Arkema, BASF, Celanese, Eastman, Hexion, Huntsman, Nan Ya, Wacker

Market Growth Opportunities

Low-/Ultra Low-VOC Coatings Chart

Low-/Ultra Low-VOC Coatings

  • Reduction of VOCs in paint has been an industry trend for many years
  • Industry resurgence – and stronger market pull – driven by regulation, labeling and consumer demand
  • Key technical challenge – delivering lower VOC and key performance properties that customers demand
  • Dow's revolutionary, high-throughput R&D capabilities are accelerating innovations
  • Several innovations have been commercially launched, with many more in development and evaluation
  • Global Addressable Market Opportunity: $800 million
  • Dow's Share: >$160 million
  • Launch: 2009 – 2012