Compañía MEGA, S.A.

Compañía MEGA is a joint venture in Argentina that provides essential hydrocarbon feedstocks to Dow's Bahia Blanca site. Natural gas is supplied to MEGA from the Neuquen area, separated into liquid components at Loma de la Lata, and then pumped through a 600 km pipeline to supply to the Bahia Blanca site, which produces ethylene and polyethylene.

Formed: 1997
Ownership: YPF S.A. 38%;
Brasoil Alliance Company 34%;
Dow 28%
Headquarters Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Production Facilities: Loma de la Lata (Neuquen province) and Bahia Blanca (Buenos Aires province), Argentina
Products: Ethane, propane, butane, natural gasoline
Product Applications: Feedstock for production of polymers

For more information, visit the Compañía MEGA Web site (in Spanish).