Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2014, The Dow Chemical Company is changing its reportable segments. The below descriptions reflect the updated portfolio.

The Performance Plastics segment is a market-oriented portfolio composed of five global businesses: Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Dow Elastomers, Dow Electrical and Telecommunications, Energy and Hydrocarbons. The segment has broad geographic reach with sales in more than 100 countries and manufacturing facilities located in all geographic areas.

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics delivers creative solutions that harness the power of Dow’s industry-leading technical and market expertise – together with its comprehensive portfolio of innovative films, resins and adhesives – to both address pressing, global challenges and inspiring the applications of tomorrow. Focusing on flexible and rigid food packaging, secondary and tertiary packaging, medical packaging, and adhesive applications, Dow is collaborating with customers around the world to develop better, more sustainable packaging.

Dow Elastomers

Dow Elastomers offers a unique portfolio of elastomeric polymers for customers globally. The business’ world-class product and technology portfolio, together with deep industry expertise and broad geographic reach, has enabled Dow Elastomers to become a leader in polyolefin elastomers (POEs) and ethylene propylene diene monomer elastomers (EPDMs). The business continues to drive value and profitability through the development of new-to-the-world polymers. New polymer design combined with material and formulation science is the foundation that has enabled the business to diversify into new market spaces with differentiated offerings. Applications include adhesives, footwear, housewares, sports recreation products, toys and infant products, as well as others aligned to the infrastructure and transportation market sectors.

Dow Electrical and Telecommunications

Dow Electrical and Telecommunications is a leading provider of technology-driven solutions for global electrical and telecommunications infrastructure applications. With a global manufacturing asset base, combined with technical service, R&D and commercial hubs in all geographic areas, Dow Electrical and Telecommunications is well poised to service mature economies, as well as emerging geographies where infrastructure development is taking place.


The Energy business is one of the world’s largest industrial energy producers. This business produces or procures the energy used by Dow, sells energy to customers located on Dow manufacturing sites and also engages in opportunistic merchant sales driven by market conditions. Because of its unparalleled scale, purchasing power and global reach, the Energy business offers Dow tremendous knowledge of world energy markets and the agility to respond to sudden changes in conditions.


The Hydrocarbons business is one of the largest global producers of ethylene, an internal feedstock that is consumed primarily within Performance Plastics. The Hydrocarbons business is also a large purchaser and producer of propylene. The Company strategically locates its polyethylene production units near its ethylene production units to optimize integration benefits and drive low costs. Dow's global scale, operational discipline and feedstock flexibility creates a cost-advantaged foundation for the Company's downstream, market-driven businesses. In North America, new shale gas opportunities - and the resulting increased supplies of natural gas and natural gas liquids (“NGLs”) - have made the Company's ethane- and propane-based production more cost-competitive. The Company's U.S. and European ethylene production units allow Dow to use different feedstocks in response to price conditions. Meanwhile, the Company's planned U.S. Gulf Coast investments will strengthen ethylene and propylene integration and establish a platform for growth of Dow's downstream businesses.


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