Dow participates in many trade and business associations. Engagement with trade and business associations1, whose purpose is to promote common business interests, assists us in managing priorities relevant to Dow and the chemical industry. Trade associations support member companies by:

  • Advocating company and industry positions
  • Building critical relationships
  • Educating the public
  • Supporting informed, sound public policy decisions

Many trade and business associations have diverse memberships and diverse member views on matters of public policy. Dow endeavors to participate actively in the leadership of its key trade associations. However, we may from time to time find ourselves in disagreement with the prevailing views of the majority of the association's membership. It is our practice, and our preference, to work within the association policy process to assure that Dow's views are adequately communicated and represented in association policy, strategy and tactics. In all cases, any Dow position on a matter of public policy is the prevailing company position, irrespective of any trade association position to the contrary.

Dow has also developed partnerships with civic leagues and social welfare organizations2 that play an important role in public policy debates. These non-governmental organizations sometimes engage in advocacy-related activities, as well.

Dow receives information from trade and business associations as well as civic leagues and social welfare organizations in the U.S. regarding the portion of our dues or contributions that are used for lobbying expenses and political expenditures. We include this information in the aggregate in our quarterly lobbying activity reports filed with the U.S. Congress, as required by the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA)3. View Dow's LDA filings.

Below is a list of trade and business associations as well as civic leagues and social welfare organizations in the U.S. to which Dow contributes $50,000 or more annually, along with the portion of our dues or payments used for lobbying expenses or political expenditures (including special assessments or voluntary payments), as reported to us.

Trade Association Lobbying Expenditures for both Dow and Dow AgroSciences in 2012

Organization Amount4 
American Chemistry Council $1,348,677
American Seed Trade Assn $13,710
Biotechnology Industry Organization $144,000
Business Forward $5,000
Business Roundtable $84,802
Chlorine Institute $3,779
Coalition Against the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme $2,000,000
CropLife America $342,442
Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce $5,025
Greater New Orleans, Inc. $7,000
Halogenated Solvents Industry Association $25,899
Louisiana Chemical Alliance $32,678
Michigan Alliance for Business Growth $2,000,000
Michigan Chamber of Commerce $611,700
National Association of Manufacturers $38,400
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association $150,000
North American Metal Packaging Alliance $31,500
Responsible Industry for Sound Environment $48,325
Ripon Society $25,000
Solar Energy Industry Association $28,000
Texas Chemical Council $43,509
US Chamber of Commerce $2,925,000
United Stated Council on International Business $5,005
Western Plant Health Association $12,213