Below is a list of candidates and political organizations1 that received contributions from Dow in 2012:

Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Bruce Cozart for State R House $1,000
Michael Lamoureux for Senate R Senate $1,000
Terry Rice for State Representative R House $1,000
Bill Sample for State Senate R Senate $1,000
Larry Teague for State Senate D Senate $1,000
John Vines for State Representative D House $1,000
Bruce Westerman for State Representative R House $1,000
Darrin Williams for State Representative D House $1,000
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Fair PAC N/A PAC $6,500
Supervisor Federal D. Glover N/A Supervisor $2,000
Dr. Richard Pan for Assembly 2012 D Assembly $1,500
Pittsburg Police Officers Assoc. N/A Ballot initiative $5,000
Rudy Ramirez for Assembly 2012 D Assembly $1,500
Solar Energy Industries Association California PAC N/A PAC $2,500
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Colorado Accountable Government Alliance D House $2,500
Colorado Leadership Fund R N/A $1,000
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Stacy Abrams for House D House $500
Friends of Don Balfour R Senate $500
Friends of Charlie Bethel R Senate $500
Friends of Jason Carter D Senate $500
Friends of Hardie Davis D Senate $500
Karla Drenner for House D House $500
Terry England for House R House $500
Pat Gardner for House R House $250
Friends of Tim Golden R Senate $500
Friends of Lester Jackson D Senate $250
Jan Jones for House R House $500
Tom McCall for House R House $500
Lynn Smith for House R House $500
Friends of Ross Tolleson R Senate $500
Friends for Roger Williams R House $250
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Friends of Sue Rezin R Senate $500
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Bennett for Indiana R Education Super. $1,000
Committee to Elect Bob Cherry R House $300
Indiana Democratic Party D Party $5,000
Indiana House Republican Campaign Committee R House $1,000
Indiana Republican Party R Party $10,000
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Committee to Elect Neil Abramson D House $500
Bryan Adams State Rep Campaign Fund R House $250
Robert Adley Campaign R Senate $500
John Alario Campaign Fund R Senate $500
Bret Allain Campaign Committee R Senate $500
Taylor Barras Campaign Fund R House $250
John A. Berthelot Campaign Fund R House $250
Committee to Elect Chris Broadwater R House $250
Troy Brown Campaign Fund D Senate $250
Steve Carter Campaign Fund R House $250
Campaign to Elect Norby Chabert R Senate $500
Simone Champagne Campaign R House $250
Committee to Elect Charles R. Chaney R House $250
Claitor for Senate Campaign R Senate $500
Page Cortez Campaign R Senate $500
Greg Cromer Campaign R House $250
Jack Donahue for Senate R Senate $500
Gordon Dove Campaign Fund R House $250
EASTPAC (Louisiana Association of Business and Industry PAC for Eastern LA) N/A N/A $1,000
Jim Fannin Campaign Fund D House $250
Franklin J. Foil Committee R House $250
Randal Gaines Campaign Fund D House $250
Raymond E. Garofalo, Jr. Campaign Committee R House $250
Committee to Elect John Michael Guidry D Judge $5,000
Committee to Elect Elbert Guillory D Senate $500
Joe Harrison Campaign Fund R House $250
Committee to Elect Frank Hoffmann R House $250
Mike Huval for State Rep. Campaign Fund R House $250
Edward "Ted" James Campaign Fund D House $250
Ronnie Johns Campaign Fund R Senate $500
Sam Jones Campaign Fund D House $250
Chuck Kleckley Campaign Fund R House $500
Lousiana Association of Manufacturers PAC N/A PAC $2,000
Nancy Landry Campaign R House $250
Terry Landry Campaign Fund D House $250
Committee to Elect Walt Leger, III D House $500
Tony Ligi Campaign Fund R House $250
Louisiana Oil and Gas PAC N/A PAC $500
Gerald Long Campaign R Senate $500
Louisiana House Democratic Committee D House $3,000
Greg Miller Campaign R House $250
Fred Mills Campaign Fund R Senate $500
JP Morrell Campaign Fund, Inc. D Senate $500
Senator Dan Morrish Campaign Fund R Senate $500
Jay Morris Campaign R House $250
Jim Morris Campaign Fund R House $250
Committee to Elect William Morvant R Judge $500
Ben Wayne Nevers, Sr. Campaign Fund R Senate $500
NORTHPAC (Louisiana Association of Business and Industry PAC for Northern LA) N/A PAC $1,000
Jonathan Perry Campaign R Senate $500
Friends of Erich Ponti Campaign R House $250
Ed Price Campaign Fund D House $250
The Republican Legislative Delegation Campaign Committee R N/A $5,000
Neil Riser Campaign Fund R Senate $500
Joel Robideaux Campaign Fund R House $500
Clay Schexnayder Campaign R House $250
John Schroder Campaign R House $250
Alan Seabaugh Campaign R House $250
Rob Shadoin Campaign Fund R House $250
John Smith Campaign Fund R Senate $500
Karen Gaudet St. Germain Campaign Fund D House $500
SOUTHPAC (Louisiana Association of Business and Industry PAC for Southern LA) N/A PAC $1,000
Greg Tarver Campaign D Senate $500
Mike Walsworth Campaign Fund R Senate $500
Rick Ward, III Campaign Fund R Senate $500
WESTPAC (Louisiana Association of Business and Industry PAC for Western LA) N/A PAC $1,000
Alfred S. Williams Campaign Committee D House $250
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
The Governor's Club R Governor $5,000
Michigan Republican Party Administrative Account R N/A $10,000
Bill Schuette Administrative Account R Attorney General $25,000
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Cindy Hyde-Smith for Agricultural Commissioner R Ag Commissioner $1,000
New Jersey 
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Bramnick for Assembly R Assembly $1,000
Assemblyman Greenwald D Assembly $500
Committee to Elect Sheila Oliver D Assembly $500
Sweeney for Senate D Senate $500
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Brazosport Independent School District PAC N/A PAC $1,500
Texas Chemical Council Leadership Account N/A PAC $5,000
National Organizations 
Candidate/Organization Party Chamber Amount
Democratic Governor's Association (DGA) D Governor $100,000
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee D State House $5,000
Republican Governor's Association (RGA) R Governor $100,000
Republican State Leadership Committee R Attorney General $50,000

1Political organizations are qualified under Section 527 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code