Dow Launches Next Generation ROBOND™ Water-based Adhesives for the Asian Flexible Packaging Market

Building better bonds with the power of water

Shanghai, China - March 24, 2011

Dow Packaging and Converting, a business unit of the Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), announces the introduction of ROBOND™ L-95D and ROBOND™ L-188, water-based laminating adhesives tailored to the requirements of the Asia Pacific food packaging market. These two products will further strengthen our leading position in the market as an innovative solutions provider.

In compliance with the latest food safety regulations, the ROBOND™ L series adopts green technologies that help converters to provide safer food packaging solutions. In order to assist convertors improve product performance, increase efficiency and enable sustainable development, Dow has developed two products for the Asia Pacific market that can be used across a wider range of applications compared with previous generations of water-based adhesives. ROBOND™ L-95D is suitable for both transparent and metalized structures, and ROBOND™ L-188 technology is the first product in the market to solve the friction problem that is frequently encountered in the global food packaging industry.

ROBOND™ L-95D is the only water-based adhesive which can be used for both transparent and metalized structures with outstanding performance and reliability. Traditionally, different laminating structures require using multiple water-based adhesives. With ROBOND™ L-95D’s advanced technology and excellent performance, this breakthrough product eliminates the need to change the adhesive used on a machine when moving from transparent to metalized structures, enabling converters to improve productivity with operational convenience.

Convertors in the food packaging industry have previously developed different measures to solve the friction problem between films and laminating equipment, such as adding additional additives to reduce friction. However, this approach might compromise lamination performance such as bonding strength. ROBOND™ L-188 adopts the most advanced emulsion technology to address the friction issue without sacrificing key performance properties such as bonding strength or heat seal strength of the laminated film. Another characteristic of ROBOND™ L-188 is its high performance in hot and humid environments, making it more suitable for certain areas of Asia, including Southern China, Southeast Asia and India.

“The Asia Pacific area, especially China, is one of the most important markets for us. The development of ROBOND™ L-95D and ROBOND™ L-188 is the combination of Dow global expertise and in-depth understanding of local market requirements. These two products are first being introduced in Greater China and will be promoted in Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries in the future,” said Mr. Kiattipong Techavachara, Asia Pacific Commercial Director of Dow Packaging and Converting.

Dow is the technology and market leader in water-based adhesive products. Dow’s ROBOND™ water-based adhesives have been widely used in food packaging structures, including paper, polymeric films and aluminum foils. ROBNOD™ water-based adhesives can be found in a variety of food packaging applications, including biscuits, chocolate, instant noodles, candy, oil sachets and vacuum packed foods.

“Dow is pleased to offer a complete line of water based laminating adhesives, the ROBOND™ L series, to cover applications ranging from general purpose dry food packaging, to highly demanding water boiling applications. ROBOND™ water based adhesives adopt advanced green chemistry and are in full compliance with food regulations. Dow also offers superior technical support for our customers as a solution provider.” said Dr. Lu Qiang, the Asia Technical Service and Development Manager of Dow Packaging and Converting. “After successfully launching ROBOND™ L-95D and L-188, we are planning to introduce more innovative water-based products to the Asian market in the near future, to further satisfy our regional customers’ needs.”

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