ANGUS Helps Indian Formulators Maximize Performance in Hair Styling Products

Application testing demonstrates superior quality of AMP-ULTRA™ PC Amino Alcohol

Mumbai, India - February 24, 2011

As the global leader in specialty neutralizers for personal care and cosmetics, ANGUS™ Chemical Company, a business unit of Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd (Dow India) , has now developed new application testing that clearly demonstrates the unmatched performance benefits of AMP-ULTRA™ PC amino alcohol in a range of hair styling formulations.

AMP-ULTRA PC is the global industry standard neutralizer for hair styling products, bringing unique performance benefits on a range of hair styling attributes.

“Indian consumers want personal care products with long-lasting performance attributes,” said Rajesh Ramachandran, regional commercial manager for ANGUS Chemical Company in India. “The AMP-ULTRA PC application testing demonstrates its value and performance benefits, allowing us to support the adoption of AMP-ULTRA PC amino alcohol into the formulations of our Indian customers.”

The application testing demonstrates AMP-ULTRA PC’s superior quality when it comes to several key factors.

“With AMP-ULTRA PC, ANGUS has developed a higher quality product based on the performance testing in areas of curl retention, hair washability and product stability,” said Liam Doherty, global marketing manager for ANGUS Chemical Company. “Based on the testing, AMP-ULTRA PC can help formulate styling products that make great hair last.”

ANGUS experts developed new application testing to showcase the performance benefits of AMP-ULTRA PC in the areas of:

  • High Humidity Curl Retention (HHCR)
  • Hair Washability
  • Product Stability

In the HHCR testing, curls were made with six percent polymer solution and with different neutralizers. The curl droop over 24 hours was monitored at 30°C and 90 percent relative humidity. The AMP-ULTRA PC neutralized polymer exhibited significantly higher percentage curl retention over time compared to triisopropanolamine (TIPA) and triethanolamine (TEA), as shown in the images below.


As for Hair Washability, hair tresses were treated with 6 percent neutralized polymer solution, allowed to dry, and then washed. This cycle was repeated 8 times to simulate frequent consumer use of a hair spray. The AMP-ULTRA™ PC neutralized hair spray sample displayed excellent washability, and no polymer build-up, compared to TIPA and TEA which displayed white flaky residue on the hair, as shown in the images below.


To test Product Stability, hydrocarbon and ether propellants were added to 6 wt percent anhydrous polymer solutions neutralized with several different neutralizers at room temperature (18°C). The AMP-ULTRA PC neutralized polymer solution was clear with no haze or precipitate, compared to TIPA and TEA, which both displayed haze.

In addition to setting a quality benchmark as the preferred neutralizing amine for the global personal care and cosmetic market, AMP-ULTRA PC amino alcohol is available in three commercial grades to meet different processing needs:

  • AMP-ULTRA PC 1000 (anhydrous)
  • AMP ULTRA PC 2000 (5% water)
  • AMP-ULTRAC PC 3000 (11% water)

The high purity products from ANGUS are also compliant with the most recent Cosmetics Directives relative to secondary amine and nitrosamine content of raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products.

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