ANGUS Customer Application Centers and VOC-free AEPD VOX 1000 Help Indian Formulators Meet Regulations

Mumbai - March 04, 2010

The need to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) continues to be an important trend in the paints and coatings marketplace, with stringent regulations put in practice by many governing bodies. ANGUS Chemical Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, is helping Indian paint formulators create paints and finishes that are VOC and odour-free to comply with consumer concerns and government regulations. ANGUS now offers two multifunctional amines that present paint formulators regulatory benefits, as well as multifunctional performance: AMP™ Multifunctional Amine and the new AEPD™ VOX 1000 Multifunctional Amine for interior water-based paints.

“It is important to use a neutralizing agent that provides the highest quality of physical properties while meeting stringent regulations,” said Jon Fedders, global strategic marketing manager, ANGUS. “Providing the same multifunctional performance as our industry standard AMP, AEPD VOX 1000 is one tool we can offer to formulators to help them achieve a quality product they can market as a no odour, no VOC paint.”

AEPD VOX 1000 Neutralizing Amine can help formulators achieve zero VOC (<5 g/L) paints without compromising product quality. Other attributes offered by AEPD VOX 1000 include:

  • Assurance that the quality of paint is maintained by offering all the functionality of AMP
  • Improved workplace conditions and the ability to market low odor paints as AEPD VOX 1000 has very low odour and gives no detectable odour in pain
  • Cost optimization tools helping to minimize the total VOC through raw material reduction relative to multifunctional characteristics
  • High neutralizing efficiency without significant cost contribution to the paint formulator
  • Longer shelf life products by keeping formulation stability high
  • Pigment and dispersant cost reductions by providing co-dispersing properties
  • Increased open time, thus allowing higher quality paint

"Innovation and a commitment to sustainability are additional components of our company’s growth strategy,” said Vikas Kumar, ANGUS regional commercial manager for India. “We have strengthened our leadership position in the region by making significant investments in research and development, as well as our regional Customer Application Center (CAC) located in Mumbai. The CAC gives direct access to industry experts who understand the local needs and challenges and provides customers the testing and formulation support they need to stay competitive in the global marketplace.”

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