Dow Water & Process Solutions Unveils Next Generation of Dow FILMTEC Residential Reverse Osmosis Elements at Aquatech India

New Elements are Better Performing, Trouble-Free System Start Up and Operation

New Delhi - February 03, 2010

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) and its consolidated subsidiaries, and leading global supplier of advanced technologies for purification and separation processes designed to make water safer, cleaner and more available, announced today at Aquatech India that the next generation of Dow FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) membrane components for residential water treatment are expected to become available in India and globally during the second quarter of 2010.

A result of Dow’s investment in the design and construction of innovative home drinking water solutions, the five new residential RO elements will replace existing Dow FILMTEC solutions. All TW30-1812-24, -36, -50, -75 are NSF/ANSI 58-certified ensuring that new contaminates are not added while the system is removing them.

The components, which include Dow FILMTEC TW30-1812-24, -36, -50, and -75, help make available safer and good-tasting drinking and cooking water that meets both U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and Safe Drinking Water Act standards. Now, these elements boast increased throughput and trouble-free operation. Each also has multiple anti-counterfeiting features, including a hologram label, an innovative brine seal design and multicolor permeate tube, that improves our product protection and allows our customers and end-users to easily identify a genuine Dow FILMTEC™ product.

"Dow is pleased to introduce its next generation of Dow FILMTEC™ residential RO elements, manufactured using a leading-edge automated fabrication process that has been enhanced with additional quality controls," said Leticia Jensen, DW&PS marketing manager, residential & commercial applications. "As a result, the new product line is precisely manufactured to rigorous, pre-defined specifications. It helps us deliver defect-free product and improve our service levels to meet increasing market demand while building our customers reputation in the market place and increasing consumers’ satisfaction."

All standard Dow FILMTEC™ residential elements are expected to transition to Dow’s new production line over the next twelve months with high volume and fastest growing elements transitioning first and 50, 75, 100 gpd components to follow. Dow will continue to manufacture elements on its existing production equipment.

For more information on Dow FILMTEC™ residential RO elements, please visit our website.

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