Dow India Launches Disability Employee Network (DEN)

Mumbai, India - November 24, 2009

In its continuous endeavor to create and promote an atmosphere of Diversity and Inclusion, Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. (Dow India) has launched the Indian chapter of the company's Disability Employee Network (DEN). DEN is aimed at supporting employees with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities to foster a workforce that promotes personal & professional advancement of employees with disabilities.

"We are happy to launch a noble initiative like DEN in India. Our employees stand to learn a lot from DEN, as it will educate and provide a perspective on the lives of colleagues with disabilities," said Dr Ramesh Ramachandran, president & CEO, Dow India. "Employees living with disabilities add value to the organization through diversity of thought and culture which contribute significantly to our company's ability to operate as an innovative and sustainable organization. With initiatives like DEN, we hope to make Dow India a more responsive and sensitive organisation to people with disabilities, making us an employer of choice for all current and future employees."

DEN is a global network set up by Dow based on their strong belief that employees with disabilities showcase unique talents and can deliver substantial value to the company, their customers and the communities in which they operate.

DEN aims to effectively support employees by improving perception of employees with disability and their contributions, providing employees with tools and mentoring opportunities that will enhance personal and professional growth for all employees and assist the organisation to create a supportive and inclusive environment for employees and their families. The network will also provide resources and support to employees with disabilities that address their family needs and work towards identifying and promoting community outreach opportunities.

About DEN

Disability Employee Network (DEN) is a global employee network which focuses on improving perceptions about people with disabilities and raising awareness about the contributions they make - both at work and outside of work. In addition, DEN fosters the professional and personal success of people with disabilities through a variety of training resources, aimed at people with disabilities and leaders managing people with disabilities. DEN participants include employees with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and other supporters of the DEN vision.

About Dow India

Dow Chemical International Private Limited (Dow India) is committed to consistent growth through its expertise as a science and technology leader, its experience as a leading chemical company, and its engagement with the communities in which it operates. With more than 1000 employees, in 12 locations across the country, Dow India has established three Centers of Excellence in the areas of Engineering (Chennai), Research & Development (Pune) and Transactional Services and Expertise (Mumbai) as well as three manufacturing sites and a variety of commercial offices. As a responsible corporate citizen, Dow India provides free artificial limbs and technology development for the 'Jaipur Foot' initiative; built homes through the 'Habitat for Humanity' Jimmy Carter Work Project, and is actively working in collaboration with the Byrraju and Anarde Foundation to supply clean drinking water to villages in India. Further information can be found at

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