Dow Building Solutions Appointed Key Product Sponsor of Shanghai Eco House Roofing at World Expo 2010

Hyderabad, India - September 10, 2009

Dow Building Solutions (DBS) has been appointed as the only provider of roofing insulation products for the Shanghai Eco-House with its outstanding product performance of its roofing insulation boards - STYROFOAM™ - passing the organizing committee’s rigorous screening criteria as part of the upcoming World Expo 2010 in May next year.

The Shanghai Eco-House is a unique zero energy consumption building which will be one of the highlights of the Shanghai Expo, and will be located at the northern residential cluster of the Expo’s Urban Best Practices Area, with a construction area of some 3,000 square meters. As China’s first ‘zero energy consumption’ eco-house demonstration project in China, it embodies the sustainable eco-house philosophy and explores universally applicable habitable home models.

“Dow Building Solutions’ appointment as the roofing insulation product sponsor for the Shanghai Eco-House is an excellent example of highlighting our green buildings philosophy by helping customers in energy efficiency and emission reductions in construction, and building on our 60 years of experience in this essential market,” said Zafar Ansari, vice president marketing & sales India

Dow Building Solutions advocates using its international sustainable development experience, products and advanced technologies to help solve the most urgent building challenges around the world in water, energy and the environment. This vision will be shown to the world again with the Shanghai Eco-house in May next year.”

The Shanghai Eco-House interprets the new eco house concept of paying attention to environmental protection and energy efficiency, and demonstrates an ideal eco house and the state-of-the-art ecological, green, energy-saving technologies of the future. It will become the yardstick for the future development of urban living and architecture. Given its important position in the World Expo and its tremendous influence on the future residential environment, Shanghai Eco-House has attracted active participation from well-known building material enterprises from around the world.   

About Dow Building Solutions

Dow Building Solutions has a 60-year legacy of providing energy saving solutions to the global commercial and residential construction industry, which began with the launch of its flagship STYROFOAM™ extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, one of the most recognized brands of insulation in the world. A business unit within Dow’s Advanced Materials Division, Dow Building Solutions offers unsurpassed expertise to help builders, designers, architects and homeowners reduce energy costs and protect against wind, rain and moisture, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Dow Chemical International Private Limited (Dow India) is committed to consistent growth through its expertise as a science and technology leader, its experience as a leading chemical company, and its engagement with the communities in which it operates.  With more than 1100 employees, in 12 locations across the country, Dow India has established three Centers of Excellence in the areas of Engineering (Chennai), Research & Development (Pune) and Transactional Services and Expertise (Mumbai) as well as three manufacturing sites and a variety of commercial offices.  As a responsible corporate citizen, Dow India provides free artificial limbs and technology development for the ‘Jaipur Foot’ initiative; built homes through the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Jimmy Carter Work Project, and is actively working in collaboration with the Byrraju and Anarde Foundation to supply clean drinking water to villages in India.  Further information can be found at

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