Dow India Participates in PPS-25 in Goa

25th Annual Meeting of Polymer Processing Society

Panaji, India - February 27, 2009

Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. (Dow India) is proud to be one of   the primary sponsors and an active participant at PPS-25, the 25th annual meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) in Goa from March 1 – 5, 2009.  The event will foster an exchange of scientific developments and innovations in polymer processing by providing a discussion forum for the world-wide community of engineers and scientists in this field

Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran, president and chief executive officer (CEO), Dow India will participate in the conference as technical co–convener and keynote speaker during the inauguration ceremony on March 1, alongside other eminent industry leaders.  Dr. Sarada Namhata, director and site leader, R&D centre Pune will present a plenary lecture on the evolution of polymer processing entitled “21st Century Polymer Processing - From Art to Science” during the first session of the conference on March 2. In addition, other polymer processing research scientists from Dow India will give four of technical papers on a variety of topics.  A short summary of their talks is included below:

  • Development of Natural Fiber Composites for Various Applications
    Presented by V. Agrawal, S. Ravi, V. Ramakrishnan and P. Sonawane
    Natural fiber composites are being explored as a part of our program in composite materials. This paper summarizes our initial findings in the area of mechanical behavior of natural fiber composites.
  • Design of Nanoporous Polyarylene Polymers for Use as Low-k Dielectrics in Microelectronic Devices
    Presented by Shubhangi Nair and Craig Silvis
    The technology of microelectronic devices has progressed significantly in the last two decades and forever changed the way we live. One such class of low dielectric materials are spin-on organic polyarylene polymers. This talk will detail methods used to generate nanoporous polyarylene polymers, as well as some of the properties and integration characteristics obtained when they are employed as insulating dielectrics in microelectronic devices
  • Poly(Hydroxy Amino Ethers):  Novel High -Barrier Thermoplastics
    Presented by M.J. Yanjarappa, Craig Silvis
    A visible trend in the area of food and beverage packaging is the ever-increasing substitution of plastics for materials such as glass and metal.  This research details the synthesis and properties of a new class of high barrier thermoplastics, namely poly(hydroxy amino ethers) (PHAE). The effect of polymer structure on oxygen transmission rate, glass transition temperature, and physical properties have been studied in detail
  • Degradation of Polymeric Material: Influence of the Temperature and Inert/Oxidative Environment
    Presented by Deepak B Akolekar, Sunil Virkar, and Santosh Adsul
    This paper explores the thermal stability and weathering resistivity of polypropylene

“It is an honour and a privilege for Dow India to be an active participant and sponsor of PPS-25 on its return to India, an excellent opportunity to share information and leverage knowledge with our esteemed scientific peers from around the world,” said Dr. Ramachandran.  “Conferences such as this are an important and necessary forum for the free exchange of technological ideas that could lead to the invention of the next new polymer that changes our world.”

Dow India scientists presenting at PPS-25 are based at the research & development (R&D) facility in Pune, India, which houses more than 150 scientists, many of whom are engaged in areas of research in the field of polymer processing.  Current research at the site explores novel solutions focused on improving the lives and living standards of people worldwide in areas as varied as pure drinking water, energy efficiency, alternative energies and healthy foods.

About Dow India

Dow Chemical International Private Limited (Dow India) is committed to consistent growth through its expertise as a science and technology leader, its experience as a leading chemical company, and its engagement with the communities in which it operates.  With around 1000 employees, Dow India has established three Centers of Excellence in India in the areas of engineering (Chennai), research & development (Pune) and transactional services and expertise (Mumbai) as well as a manufacturing site and a variety of commercial offices.  As a responsible corporate citizen, Dow India provides free artificial limbs and technology development for the ‘Jaipur Foot’ initiative; built homes through the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Jimmy Carter Work Project, and is actively working in collaboration with the Byrraju and Anarde Foundation to supply clean drinking water to villages in India.  Further information can be found at

About Polymer Processing Society

The Polymer Processing Society was founded in March 1985 at the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, USA. Their intent is to provide a mechanism and format for interaction and presentation of research results in the international polymer processing community.

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