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Learn how DOWTHERM™ and DOWFROST™ Heat Transfer Fluids can bring better performance and longer life to your HVAC system. Presented by Kevin Connor, Technical Service Manager, Dow Heat Transfer Fluids. Everything you want to know about DOWTHERM™ and DOWFROST™ Fluids! Including:

  • The benefits of glycol-based heat transfer fluids
  • FLUIDFILE™ Software and product selection
  • Corrosion protection and compatibility of non-metals
  • System cleaning & fluid installation
  • Testing, maintenance and maximizing fluid lifetime


Kevin Connor
Technical Service Manager
The Dow Chemical Company – Heat Transfer Fluids TS&D

Kevin Connor is currently the North American Technical Service Manager for Dow Chemical’s DOWTHERM™ and DOWFROST™ heat transfer fluid product line. Mr. Connor received a BSc. in Chemistry from the University of Waterloo (Canada) in 1985 and has worked for Dow’s Research & Development department for the past 29 years. He has product development and technical service experience with automotive engine coolants, heat transfer fluids, and lubricants. Mr. Connor is an active member of ASHRAE and STLE and currently resides in Midland Michigan.


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Kevin Connor