Operational Troubleshooting

Unlike many fluids, DOWTHERM™ and DOWFROST™ fluids are formulated specifically to provide optimum performance in systems, season after season, year after year. One of the many benefits of DOWTHERM and DOWFROST is they require little maintenance, often lasting over 10 years, Dow fluids can be replenished simply by adding fresh inhibitor concentrate, especially after running a comprehensive fluid analysis.

If a problem occurs after your system is up and running, Dow technical specialists can help you resolve the trouble efficiently. They'll draw on their extensive experience to help you identify the source of system trouble and the solution — and possibly save you maintenance expense, downtime, and lost productivity. For example, we can identify problems resulting from:

  • Scale or carbon sediments
  • Process contamination
  • Pump cavitation
  • System fouling
  • System leakage
  • Other system problems

If you suspect a problem, consult with Dow experts. We'll help you identify the source and help you correct it. Our expertise and practical experience means we can quickly offer guidance in identifying a problem, and provide the proper corrective action.

To learn more about Operational Troubleshooting or the System Leak Detection Service, contact your Dow representative or Contact Us, or use our online Answer Center.