Fluid Return Program

The High Temperature Fluid Return program is only available in North America. The program is considered on a case-by-case basis for other regions. For consideration in other regions, please contact your Dow representative.

High Temperature Fluid Return Program for DOWTHERM Synthetic Organic Fluids

The Dow Fluid Return Program allows you to protect your investment in specific DOWTHERM™ synthetic organic heat transfer fluids over the life of your project. Under the program, a credit can be issued for spent fluid which you can apply against the cost of your new fluid. Benefits of the program include:

  • Assures the fluid in your system is of the highest quality
  • Minimizes fluid recharge expense
  • Eliminates fluid disposal concerns

Regular fluid credit is available to customers using DOWTHERM A, G and RP heat transfer fluids. A limited Fluid Return Program exists on a case-by-case basis for DOWTHERM J, Q, HT, SYLTHERM†1 800, XLT and HF.

After conducting a Fluid Analysis, if a fluid is not suitable for continued use, and if the customer requests, the fluid is further analyzed to determine if it is suitable for return in the Fluid Return Program. If the fluid is suitable for return in the Fluid Return Program, a report will be sent listing the percent recoverable for the sample (the amount of original material present in the fluid will be determined as a percentage of the total volume of the sample).

If, at this point, the customer decides to return the fluid for credit, they should notify the Technical Service & Development department at 989-636-1415. Instructions for return of material (IRM), appropriate label and SDS's will be sent to the customer. The customer is responsible for return freight costs.

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1 Dow is a distributor of SYLTHERM products manufactured by Dow Corning Corporation.