DOWCAL Annual Fluid Analysis

The DOWCAL™ Fluid Analysis Program tracks fluid performance over time to minimize unnecessary operational and fluid replacement costs. Dow’s fluid testing is the most comprehensive fluid analysis and reporting. Regular analysis and fluid maintenance support increases system reliability, reduces down time and costs. Customers who wish to have a Fluid Analysis conducted on a system that is smaller in volume than the free analysis volume requirement will be charged a $200 fee.

This convenient service helps you to avoid problems including:

  • Inadequate heating/cooling performance
  • Inefficient operation and high operating cost
  • System fouling, component damage
  • Lost productivity due to unscheduled downtime
  • Unplanned cleaning and maintenance expense
  • Higher than normal makeup fluid requirements
  • Premature fluid changeout and resulting replacement expense.

DOWCAL fluid is only available for use in Europe.

The free Fluid Analysis Program is offered to qualified customers currently using Dow heat transfer fluids and coolants. A customer qualifies for this program if the sample being submitted comes from a system which contains the following Dow products and volumes:

Product Volume
DOWCAL Heat Transfer Fluid 10 MT of concentrate

On Site Tests

There are a few tests that can be done at your site as part of periodic maintenance. Instructions on conducting a pH test, how to adjust pH, conducting a sediment test (and how to filter) can be found in the Answer Center.

DOWCAL Analysis - Shipping Information

Europe: Customers are asked to fill a plastic or glass container of approximately 8 oz of fluid, seal securely to prevent leakage. This container should be labeled with the type of fluid, customer name, contact name and telephone number. Fluid to be analyzed should be sent to: Dow Benelux NV, Heat Transfer Fluid Testing Laboratory, Oude Maasweg 4, 3197 KJ Rotterdam Botlek, The Netherlands Tel:++31 (0) 10 295 8651