Dow Announces New Dual Loop Design for Concentrated Solar Power Based on DOWTHERM™ A Fluid Technology

• System Design to be Discussed at CSP TODAY Sevilla 2011
• Dow’s Complete Solutions Approach Provides Market Leadership in Fluids for CSP
• Dow reinforces commitment with CSP market, sponsors the 5th edition of the event and will present a booth (26)

Midland, MI - November 29, 2011


The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) has announced an exciting solution to help increase the solar efficiency and output of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants while reducing investment cost at minimum risk. The innovative dual loop CSP system design takes advantage of the proven reliability of DOWTHERM™ A heat transfer fluid and the high temperature capabilities of molten salt to produce approximately 10% more electricity than a conventional CSP system with the same size solar field. Overall thermal efficiency is increased from 38% to over 42%.

As DOWTHERM™A fluid is used in the main loop and molten salt is confined to a smaller circuit in the system design, the risk of total plant shutdown is minimized compared to other new CSP concepts using molten salt or other technologies. The main loop can continue to supply superheated steam to power plant turbines and generators even if the salt loop must be shut down for maintenance or repair.

Dow said the overall reliability of the system can make it an attractive choice to investors. According to Clint Schmidt, Dow global strategic market manager, the use of DOWTHERM™A technology is encouraging to financial institutions and governments who underwrite the cost of CSP plant costs. “Because they know the plant can continue to operate reliably to repay their investment, they can be comfortable providing financing without the need to first build a pilot scale demonstration plant.”

Schmidt said “Dow is an established market leader in CSP heat transfer fluids. This latest technology enhances Dow’s approach which includes world-scale production capacity, robust supply chain and logistics capabilities, in depth technical support services and fluid regeneration opportunities.” He said details of the new dual loop technology will be presented by Christoph Lang, Heat Transfer Fluids research and development, on November 29 in the technical session “Innovation in technology – the latest from the lab and in Booth 26 at CSP TODAY Sevilla 2011.

How CSP Works
CSP uses parabolic mirrors to reflect and magnify heat from the sun onto a closed circulating loop containing DOWTHERM™A heat transfer fluid. The fluid collects the heat energy and transports it to a power station where it is used to produce steam, which drives turbines that generate electricity. DOWTHERM™ A is a specialized heat transfer fluid capable of accommodating temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius.

Solar power technology like CSP offers many advantages in regions that require reliable new sources of energy. The technology helps to diversify energy supply, is capable of producing power during periods of peak demand, and reduces dependence of fossil fuels. When used instead of fossil fuel generation plants, CSP facilities offer improved air quality and can help many nations meet off-set goals for carbon emissions produced by existing fossil fuel power plants

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