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Polyurethane Systems

Foam shoe sole

Dow is a global leader in polymer chemistry and one of the major producers of intermediates for polyurethanes, isocyanates and polyols. These intermediates are also used to produce fully formulated polyurethane systems for a broad range of applications. Polyurethane systems from Dow are developed, produced and supplied to meet present or future market requirements and are tailored to meet specific customer needs.


Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Electrical and Electronics, Footwear, Furniture, Mining, Personal Care/Home Care, Transportation


HYPOL™ hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymers
SPECFIL™ urethane components
SPECFLEX™ polyurethane components
SPECTRIM™ reaction moldable products
VORACOR™ polyurethane components
VORALAST™ polyurethane components
VORALUX™ polyurethane components
VORAMER™ industrial adhesives and binders
VORASTAR™ polymers
VORATEC™ polyurethane components
VORATRON™ industrial adhesives, encapsulants and chemical compositions

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