Methyl Chloride is sold only on a direct basis with product steward approval. Dow experts will provide specific handling, storage and safety information. Methyl Chloride is used as a feedstock for the production of Chlorosilanes (intermediate for silicone), methyl cellulose, quaternary ammonium compounds (‘quats’), heat stabilizers for PVC pipe and other industrial chemicals.

Methyl Chloride is shipped in railcars, tank trucks and isocontainers.

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Formula: CH3Cl
Official Shipping Name: Methyl Chloride
UN Number: 1063
CAS Number: 74-87-3
Synonyms: Chloromethane
Description: Colorless, odorless, flammable gas.
Molecular Weight: 50.5
Density: 7.7 lb/gal
0.9159 gm/cc
Flash Point: <-50°F
Regional Availability: North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Latin America
Chemical Processing Industry

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