Functional Monomers

GMA Functionality


GMA Functionality

Glycidyl Methacrylate (GMA) monomer contains both acrylic and epoxy groups, providing you with the design and performance versatility required for the most demanding coating and resin applications.

GMA Functionality

Acrylic and Vinyl Functionality

  • Allows copolymerization with a variety of other vinyl monomers in aqueous and nonaqueous systems.

  • Resulting polymers feature a unique combination of epoxy functionality with an acrylic backbone.

  • Wide co-monomer selection provides easy control of physical and chemical properties such as Tg and solution viscosity.

Epoxy Functionality

  • Enables crosslinking reactions with amines, carboxylic acids, anhydrides and hydroxyl-containing polymers. Proper accelerator/catalyst choice allows use of a wide range of cure temperatures and schedules.

  • Allows structural modification of the polymer backbone that can result in differentiated properties and higher performance.