The Dow Action Network is designed to help Dow's U.S.-based employees and retirees positively impact the outcome of the legislative debates and elections at both the state and national levels.

Through active voter participation, coordinated grassroots response and Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions, Dow employees and retirees have a stronger, unified voice.

The new Dow Action Network website will be launching in January 2013. It will provide a wealth of information...

  1. Government 101 explains the legislative process, helps you find information about your elected officials, and provides other helpful tips and links.
  2. Legislative Issues links you to information about public policy issues that affect Dow.
  3. Take Action connects you to grassroots call-to-action alerts.

The Dow Action Network web site also offers current election information, games to test your political knowledge, information about DowPAC, and other resources and links.

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