Dow Energy Plan for America

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As the world leader in applied chemistry, Dow is uniquely positioned to drive change by delivering innovative energy and climate change solutions that contribute to human progress and the growth of a low-carbon future.

Create More American Jobs Through Intelligent Natural Gas Policy

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Natural gas is an essential fuel and raw material for American Industry. It is used for heating, cooling, waste treatment and processing, and is a raw material for the manufacture of chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other products. But in order for American companies to be competitive globally, the cost of this important resource must remain relatively stable and competitive.

Natural Gas: Fueling an American Manufacturing Renaissance

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Dow believes that the United States needs a comprehensive national energy and climate change policy that focuses on four priority commitments in order to transition to a sustainable energy economy.

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future

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Dow operates at the apex of energy and manufacturing on a worldwide scale. Energy is an enabler of global economic growth, and energy efficiency remains critical to meeting the world’s energy demands. Dow’s innovation engine is driving energy solutions that meet society’s needs and provide a competitive advantage to our company and our customers.

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Did you know?

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