Expecting More from Passenger Vehicles

They may be called “passenger” vehicles, but the truth is, they do much more than shuttle people. They lug groceries, sporting gear, luggage and pets. They serve as makeshift offices and on-the-run lunchrooms. We may conduct business in them or explore our world from them. The point is, people spend a great deal of time in passenger vehicles, so they must be comfortable, durable, affordable, energy-efficient and safe.

Dow brings technology-driven solutions from across our company to every major system of the vehicle – interior, exterior, under-the-hood, body-in-white structural, acoustic and thermal management, and powertrain. And every solution we bring delivers the performance customers need in terms of quality, efficiency, acoustics, reliability and sustainability.

Our dedicated experts will work with you to design, test and validate the right solution for your unique operation and provide seamless support throughout all of the manufacturing process.