Commercial Transportation & Flooring

For the Long Haul

Dow Automotive Systems provides solutions that fit manufacturing and performance requirements for commercial vehicles. Our products help improve durability, corrosion resistance, vehicle weight and safety features and are formulated to integrate with existing production lines.


  • Elastic and structural adhesives
  • Flooring solutions
  • Interior and exterior trim adhesives
  • Reinforcing composites
  • Structural, acoustic and energy management foams

Partnership and Collaboration

As a committed partner to the commercial transportation industry, we have the technical resources, engineering capabilities, materials selection expertise and supply chain management to support you from design to delivery.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Flooring Solutions

Durability is especially important for flooring. BETAFLOOR™ pourable flooring and sealing technology is customized for the needs of bus manufacturers. The WISA bonded floor solution enables plywood floors to be bonded directly to the trailer body. Both offer better efficiencies and cost-savings in manufacturing and improve durability.

Improve School Bus Safety from the Ground Up

Bus floors take a beating every day, yet they need to be able to protect the structure and serve passengers in all kinds of weather. BETAFLOOR™ pourable flooring and sealing technology combines ease of use, fast installation, effective sealing and durable performance. The end result is a watertight, repairable and fully sealed floor that provides low VOC emissions and rapid manufacturing cycles.


  • Bus flooring

Installation-ready Trailer Body Flooring System

Thanks to an innovative system for mounting floors to trailer bodies developed by Dow Automotive Systems and UPM, a fully bonded solution is now available to trailer manufacturers.

The WISA Bonded Floor Solution combines WISA plywood flooring with specially developed BETAMATE™ structural adhesives. The system enables the floor to be bonded directly to the trailer body, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners such as screws during installation. It significantly simplifies the installation process and improves chassis strength and rigidity, contributing to design flexibility. The lightweight solution also offers the potential to increase payload.


  • Plywood flooring for trailer bodies