Think it can't be done? We'll find a way

Midland, Michigan - July 07, 2016

There are some people who always think outside the box. They ask, "Why not?" and quickly embrace the unexpected. This is where innovation is born. And with the right partners, these new ideas come to life. For example, when you need to add strength to a specific area of the vehicle – like a roof rail or pillar – you might want to use carbon fiber. When BMW engineers came to us with this challenge for the new 7 Series, we formulated a BETAFORCE™ structural adhesive that could be injected directly into the cavity. BETAFORCE™ holds the carbon fiber support firmly in place, doesn?t add weight and helps with sealing and acoustics as well.

It was the same situation when BMW engineers came to us about developing an adhesive to support their complete carbon fiber body-in-white for the i3. At that time, BETAFORCE™ was customized to enable the ground-breaking opportunity.

BETAFORCE™ can be tailored to address specific customer production requirements for open times and cycle times without affecting mechanical properties. By adjusting these parameters individually, Dow Automotive Systems helps customers improve their assembly process efficiencies. We also enable wider application of carbon fiber parts in mixed-material assembly to help improve strength, weight savings and achieve additional customer objectives.

Contact us at and tell us about your big ideas. Our material science engineers can formulate solutions to deliver specific and sometimes surprising results.

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