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Engineering Materials: Will Ford's Composites Move Finally Crack the Automotive Industry's Throughput Dilemma?

Jun 06 2017
Carbon fiber is making a slow but seemingly inevitable move into the automotive industry. But can engineers crack the throughput difficulties that have dogged uptake?

More Adhesives Help Stiffen Honda's 2018 Odyssey Structure

May 24 2017
Structural adhesives are gaining in usage popularity as engineers employ the bonding agent with lightweight materials to help achieve a continuous bond for improved vehicle rigidity and other benefits.

Introducing the new silicone and elastomer adhesives products from our expanding portfolio

May 16 2017
Did you know we're adding a complete line of silicones and elastomers to the Dow Automotive Systems adhesives portfolio? From performance reliability to processing economy, silicone adhesives are proven, effective design solutions for a wide range of bonding, sealing and gasketing applications.

Honda Sees Minivan Segment Stable as It Preps Odyssey

May 08 2017
Despite a 21% decline in small-van sales this year and a 31% drop in Odyssey deliveries, Honda is confident the segment, and its position in it, is solid as it launches the fifth generation of the minivan next month.

Eugenio Toccalino Video -The Value of Automotive Engineering Expo

May 01 2017
The Automotive Engineering Expo is the new trade fair for the entire product and service package for the "lacquered body" process chain.
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