A package often relies on various layers of Dow packaging material to keep the contents fresh, safe and secure. Making sure those layers adhere to each other is the job of Dow’s tie resins.

A variety of factors go into the selection of the correct tie resins. Dow features an extensive assortment of tie layer resins, including an entire portfolio dedicated to them (AMPLIFY TY Functional Polymers).

AMPLIFY™ EA Functional Polymers

Offers excellent adhesion to nylon and EVOH, as well as metal, polyolefins, cellulose, polyester, polycarbonate, and glass.
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AMPLIFY™ IO Ionomers

Currently available in sodium and zinc grades and are well suited for use as sealants and tie layers in packaging applications.
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AMPLIFY™ TY Functional Polymers

Specially formulated as packaging tie layers, offering excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates for demanding food and other specialty packaging applications.
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PRIMACOR™ Copolymers

Offers great resistance to challenging powders, fatty or greasy products with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.
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