PRIMACOR™ Copolymers

Due to its excellent adhesion qualities, you will often find PRIMACOR™ Copolymers in structures that contain polyethylene and foil. That's because PRIMACOR™ Copolymers make superb tie layers, and they have great resistance to hard-to-hold products. Also, their excellent processability allows for high outputs.

Advantages of PRIMACOR™ Copolymers

  • Exceptional adhesion to foil and other polar substrates
  • Resists aggressive chemicals and oils - perfect for salad dressing and condiment pouches
  • Excellent hot tack and heat seal strength, with a low heat seal initiation temperature and broad heat seal range
  • Excellent ESCR and good impact resistance
  • Processability similar to autoclave LDPE resins allows high output rates
  • Not moisture sensitive (like ionomers are); take advantage of economical bulk purchases