A broad portfolio of solutions with drilling, cementing and well stimulation applications.


Dow is driving innovations in chemistry and materials science with a variety of additives that can help tailor cement slurry formulations, no matter how remote the location or severe the environment at the drilling site.

EMBARK™ Foaming Agents – Foaming agents for the most challenging drilling, cementing & completion applications: Foaming agents that provide persistent foam over a wide pH range with excellent salt tolerance and superior performance.

EMBARK™ Defoaming Agents – Control foam with EMBARK™ Defoaming Agents: Block the formation of or break intractable foam in mud pits, circulating tank, production gathering equipment or processing systems.

EMBARK™ Thermal Stabilizers – Special drilling and production situations call for EMBARK™ Thermal Stabilizers: Available for both hot and cold applications, EMBARK Thermal Stabilizers help provide you with thermal stability and pH buffering for drilling and fracturing stimulation fluids and improve pour point reduction for cold weather applications with a safe, low toxicity, low odor and low emissions profile ideal for offshore use.

Co-polymer Additives, Acrylics & Epoxies – For superior cementing formulations: Additives designed to toughen cement, improve adhesion and block gas migration for cementing applications and formulated to block open fracture loss zones.


Dow is driving innovations in chemistry and materials science with a variety of additives that can help tailor cement slurry formulations, no matter how remote the location or severe the environment at the drilling site.

EMBARK™ Viscosifiers & Rheology Modifiers – Advanced drilling fluid additives to help improve drilling and completion operations across a range of downhole environments: Polyanionic, cellulose-based additives that control filtrate in waterborne drilling fluids and function as thickening agents in drilling fluids to enhance your product’s quality and performance due to their pseudoplasticity, salt tolerance, film forming and water retention capabilities.

EMBARK™ Shale Inhibitors – Ensure better stability downhole and prevent washouts: Dow's water soluble glycol ether and polyglycol based shale inhibitors help to reduce the swelling of shale formations and the dispersion of shale in the drilling fluid while decelerating wellbore instability and stuck pipe. EMBARK Shale Inhibitors are available across a wide cloud point temperature range for all brine types.

EMBARK™ Surfactants – Anionic and nonionic surfactants for a range of oilfield applications: Anionic & Nonionic surfactants that can increase oil recovery by lowering surface tension between oil and the reservoir rock and offer excellent wetting, emulsifying and dispersing properties in a range of oilfield chemicals.

EMBARK™ Advanced Drilling Fluid Additives – Solutions for drilling high-temperature, high-pressure wells: These advanced drilling fluids are specifically designed to protect equipment and enhance drilling operations in higher temperature and higher pressure environments.

EMBARK™ Dispersants – Improve drilling fluid efficiency while reducing your operational costs: Dow's EMBARK™ dispersants will lower the viscosity of the drilling mud allowing more solid weighing agent load in the mud for better pumpability In addition you’ll use less horsepower and improve the reliability of operations all while reducing operational costs and your environmental footprint.

SYNALOX & UCON Fluids & Lubricants – High performance, water-soluble polyglycols with unique properties: Offering High performance solutions with a high viscosity index, excellent lubricity, excellent stability and other advantages.


Dow's solutions for stimulation treatments include biocides and preservatives to keep water clean and natural gas wells productive; water frac viscosifiers to optimize hydraulic fracturing performance and maximize production; and emulsion preventers for acid stimulation fluids and brines to help increase the performance of acids, and yields.

ACCENT™ Scale Inhibitors – For greater flow efficiency and lower maintenance: An extensive portfolio that includes homopolymers, copolymers and terpolymers formulated to optimize oil and gas production and stimulation.

ACCENT™ Traceable Scale Inhibitors – Prevent fouling, achieve effective levels of polymer concentration with Dow’s exclusive immunoassay technique: Utilizes effective tagging technology – with a tracer incorporated into the polymeric chain.

AQUCAR™ Water Treatment Microbiocides: Protect equipment and reservoirs from microbial-induced problems, which can help optimize oil and gas production in a sustainable manner.

Cellulosic Gelling Agents: Dow's cellulosic gelling agents are highly effective additives for hydraulic fracturing fluids.

POLYOX™ Water Soluble Resins – Efficient flocculants, lubricants and more: Nonionic, high-molecular-weight polyethylene oxide polymers that effectively adsorb onto many colloidal materials and perform as efficient flocculating agents.