Dow Oil, Gas and Mining

Back Your Project with Our Decades of Experience

With innovative chemistries and technologies to improve production, increase efficiencies and reduce contaminants and emissions, Dow is fueling possibilities and delivering solutions across the value chain. We combine our expertise as a global chemical leader with our decades of experience in the oil, gas and mining industries to formulate solutions that help our customers respond to today’s demanding environments – both profitably and responsibly.

Solutions Across the Value Chain

A broad portfolio of solutions with drilling, cementing and well stimulation applications.

Our deep experience put to work in technologies for phase separation, asset integrity, flow assurance, water treatment and gas treating.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Effective, efficient solutions for water treatment, chemical flooding and miscible gas flooding.

From payzone to pipeline, Dow systems and solutions for offshore and onshore flow assurance and gas transmission, including oil sands applications.

Gas Processing
Seventy years of gas treating experience put into solutions for gasification, acid gas enrichment and ammonia synthesis, as well as onshore and offshore gas processing, liquid natural gas and other applications.

Dow is one of the most respected solutions providers in gas treating and beyond, with acid gas removal, liquid petroleum gas treating, isomerization, reformer regeneration and heat transfer applications.

Downstream Solutions
Innovations with protective coating, pressure pipe, industrial water treatment, fuel storage/preservation, thermal insulation and renewable energy applications.

Comminution, flotation, mineral mining, hydrometallurgy and water treatment applications that address a broad spectrum of production, processing and reclamation challenges.