Dow's TRITON™ product line feature nonionic/anionic surfactants.


TRITON™ CF-32 is a nonionic defoamer surfactant which provides excellent food and soap soil defoaming used in applications such as food & dairy cleaners.

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Used In:

  • Food and dairy cleaners
  • Machine dishwash
  • Rinse aids


  • Excellent food soil defoaming
  • Good soap soil defoaming
  • Non-crazing
  • Alkaline & acid stability
  • Exceptionally
  • Low foam

Typical Properties

Solvent:  Water

Cloud Point:  25°C, 77°F (1% Aqueous Solution)

pH:  10 (5% Aqueous Solution)

Viscosity:  550 (25°C (77°F), Cp)

Density:  1.014 G/Ml (25°C)

Flash Point:  149°C 300°F (Flash Pt, Closed Cup, Astm D93)

Pour Point:  1°C (35°F) (Astm D97)

Appearance:  Opaque, Beige, Semi-Solid To Liquid

HLB:  10 (Calculated)


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America