DOW™ Specialty Membranes

The DOW™ Specialty Membrane product line consists of elements with a distinct membrane construction, specializing in unique industrial application needs. Broadening the Dow Water & Process Solutions portfolio to solve operation challenges in extreme conditions, the DOW™ Specialty Membrane Elements perform consistently to help maximize recovery and separation of valuable compounds, minimize overall system CAPEX while reducing environmental footprint, reduce OPEX by lowering overall energy and cleaning chemicals consumption, and meet regulatory requirements.

DOW™ Specialty Membranes XUS290908 and XUS290904 Extra-Wide Feed Spacer NF Element

DOW™ Specialty Membranes XUS290908 and XUS290904 Nanofiltration Elements offer a distinct solution for demineralization of high viscous liquids through an industry wide combination of features. The elements are made of the robust DOW FILMTEC™ NF245 membrane sheet which is designed to reject organics with a molecular weight above 300 amu while passing monovalent salts. A 48-mil spacer reduces the pressure drop across the pressure vessel and improves cleaning effectiveness as well as allows to treat high viscous fluids. Our DOW HYPERSHELL™ technology, a machined polypropylene rigid outer shell offers significant advantages versus standard mesh wrapped elements like: • Minimizing channeling and helps prevent premature element failures throughout product lifetime • Improving hydrodynamics of the element compared to mesh wrapped elements, which results in energy savings (see Figure 1), improved processing as well as efficient Clean In Place (CIP). • Improving safety and faster loading and unloading of elements from a system due to the rigid HyperShell case which doesn’t expand over time. • Easy and permanent identification due to laser etched model names and serial numbers. • The elements are all of sanitary design: All materials of construction are compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations for indirect contact with food.

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Used In:

  • Dairy
  • Sugar


  • Up to 60% less bypass resulting in significant energy savings
  • More efficient cleaning compared to standard mesh wrap elements reducing CIP chemicals and water usage
  • Enhanced loading and unloading


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Latin America
  • North America