Product Safety Assessment

Evaluating EH&S Risks at Dow

Dow and its employees have always taken very seriously their obligation to evaluate EH&S risks and weigh them against anticipated benefits when making business decisions. This commitment is outlined in Dow’s EH&S Policy, and is specified in numerous Dow EH&S standards and requirements. In fact, the vast majority of EH&S risks are managed by complying with various Dow and governmental standards and requirements.

Dow’s Business EH&S Risk Review (BRR) Work Process is key to Dow’s identification, assessment and management of product EH&S risks.  The BRR Work Process has been designed to meet, among other obligations, various management practices of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program. It also enables Dow to meet requirements of the Responsible Care codes of chemical industry associations in countries outside of the U.S.  The risk management actions defined within the BRR Work Process become an integral part of the relevant product’s product stewardship program.  This information is summarized along with a review of application, exposure and hazard information within the Product Safety Assessment summaries.