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Our innovations improve a wide range of consumer products, from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to cleaning products and clothing.

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Discover the many ways Dow adds value to the products you and your family use every day.

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Our prescription medications, our vitamins, our body soap, our lotion, our sunscreen, our laundry detergent, our dishwashing soap, our clothes – these are essential ingredients of modern, daily life and Dow plays an important part in all of them.

Nothing is closer to us than the products we touch daily. Whether you want to feel better, eat healthier, be and live cleaner, Dow products help propel us through our day. We use advanced technologies and unique formulations to create better products that beautify, protect, and enhance. Dow is the go-to solution provider for home, institutional, personal care, food and pharma markets. Our technology offerings create value by being the point of differentiation that sets our customers’ products apart and enhances the consumer experience.

We create a wide range of innovative and sustainable products for consumer products.


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